Understanding the difference between Greek Yogurt and regular Yogurt!

Yogurt is a much sought-after dairy product that comes with probiotics. Well, the probiotics are good bacteria that are naturally present in the human digestive system. As a matter of fact, the good bacteria helps in boosting the immune system and regulates the digestive system. Most of the doctors are recommend yogurt for pregnancy as well as a part of a diet during the weight-loss program. There are various types of yogurts available in the market and the most popular one is the Greek Yogurt. If you compare Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, then the benefits of Greek yogurt are more as it has double the amount of protein than the regular yogurt.

regular yogurt

Are you wondering what is the difference between Greek Yogurt and regular yogurt? If you are going through a dilemma over it, then continue reading the article to know more about it.

  • We already know one primary difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. It is the high quantity of protein contained in the former. Generally, 8 ounces of Greek yogurt contains 28 grams of protein and regular yogurt contains 11 to 13 grams.
  • For diabetic patients, Greek yogurt is beneficial as the carbohydrate quantity in it is quite low when compared to regular yogurt. So, when we analyze Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt in terms of carbohydrate intake, the former has an edge over the other.


  • Yogurt is a good source of calcium and regular yogurt has three times more calcium than Greek yogurt. So, regular yogurt for pregnancy is recommended for women who do not get enough calcium from other food.
  • In terms of calories, different flavoured yogurts made with a yogurt maker have more calorie count than the plain Greek yogurt. However, the calorie count is almost similar in regular and fat-free Greek yogurt. Therefore, people on a weight-loss program should consume regular or plain fat-free Greek yogurt.

So, replace your high-calorie snacks with a low- calorie substitute like plain or Greek yogurt. You can make different flavoured yogurts with a yogurt maker. If you are a vegetarian, then add Greek yogurt to your eggless cake to get the same fluffiness in your cake. You can use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise in your chicken sandwich as the water is completely strained out of it. Therefore, choose a healthy lifestyle by changing your eating habits.

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