Video games is one of the leading causes for mental problems in children

Video games

Gone are the days when the streets used to be filled with the laughter and excitement of kids playing. Today, video games have become the most favorite pastime for children. Although this is a good way to keep your kids busy, however, keeping a control is very important. Studies point out that there is a link between mental problems in kids and video games.  This link is deep rooted that actually plays a very big impact on the mental health and development of a child.

Video games

Many of the popular games today are very violent and although children tend to vent out their frustration through gaming, it actually causes negative emotions to grow. When you compare the kids who are used to playing outdoors and are not even aware of video games, you will find that their over-all development is a lot more healthy and nourishing.

The brain may just be an organ, but its impact on the overall heath and well-being of a child is very powerful. Children who spend most of their time video gaming often get addicted to their games. When they are denied a new one, it leads to various mental issues such as

  • Unnecessary negative feelings hamper the relationship between the parents and the child.
  • Violent thoughts that children learn when they play games
  • Children do not have a proper social life since they are engrossed in their games, which also hamper their growth.
  • They get prone to various forms of mental illness like social phobia, anxiety, depression etc.
  • Their focus on studies and activities that can help to grow is hampered due to the lack of physical activity.
  • They are prone to become couch potatoes and often hate to go out or even be a part of family gatherings
  • Children who play a lot of video games also become very impulsive and make rash decisions
  • Video gaming has an effect on the studies, as children are more adamant about playing; this is another reason why video games can result in pediatric mental issues.
  • Parents have a tough time dealing with behavioral problems in children as their ability to think straight and to understand what is told to them reduces.

Video games

Even doctors have pointed out that the brain growth hampered due to video games in children is a growing concern. Pediatric physiologists and counselors have a tough time to get children to understand the importance of breaking their habit and addiction of video gaming.

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