Women are beautiful creatures, and they’re also opinionated, finicky, and caring. As a woman, you are bombarded with numerous things you “should” do. You should know how to cook. You should know how to clean. You should look like Barbie. And there are plenty more where those came from that all women “should” do.


Even though society has beaten these “should” do things into our brains, they’re not realistic, and you don’t have to do them. However, there are some things that a woman must do, every year, to stay healthy and make life easier to handle.


1. Get a yearly checkup with your general practitioner.

As we get older, certain diseases are more capable of occurring, such as osteoporosis. It’s very important that women see their general practitioner at least once every year for a general well-being checkup. Your doctor will be able to keep track of your vitals, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, to ensure that you are staying on a healthy track. Plus, if your doctor does notice anything that concerns him or her, you can take the necessary precautions or the necessary medication to treat it.

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2. Get a yearly checkup with your OBGYN.

Along with seeing your general practitioner, you should also see your OBGYN on an annual basis. Your OBGYN will check your breasts for lumps and make you aware of any issues they may find that warrant further diagnosis. Your OBGYN will also do a pap smear to ensure that everything “down there” is healthy and functioning properly. Seeing your OBGYN on a regular basis can also help you find cysts on your ovaries as well as ovarian cancer before it’s too late.


3. Ask for a raise.

You work hard at your job, and it’s important that your employer recognize your hard work with a merit increase. By knowing how to ask for a raise, you will show your boss that you not only have the confidence in your ability and performance, but that you know what you deserve. This could make your boss see you as an even bigger asset to the company, which could result in a larger promotion. You know what you want and you know what you deserve, so make sure you ask for it.


4. Purge clothes from your closet.

There are plenty of women out there who have closets filled with clothes they don’t wear. And while you may enjoy having all those options, having too many clothes can actually be more work than you want to handle. Instead of having multiple closets filled with clothes, be sure to go through your clothes and purge items you don’t wear. There are plenty of people in the world that could benefit from your donation of these clothes, so know that you’ll be doing some good while you’re at it.


If you’re afraid of donating clothes that you may wear again, do yourself a favor. Put the clothes you “might” wear into a bag or storage container, and then put it somewhere you can’t see, such as your garage. If after three months you don’t go in the bag or box looking for a certain article of clothing, then donate it.


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