Eight Tips and Tricks for Using Hearing Aids


According to companies like Miracle Ear, many people use hearing aids to assist with their auditory comprehension. But what if you’re new to the world of assisted hearing? Here are just eight tips, tricks and techniques for using your hearing aids to their fullest potential.



1. Consider the Shape


Hearing aids come in many different shapes, and some may be more comfortable for you than others. For example, in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids are usually flesh-colored pieces that cover the entire hole of your ear; behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids curve around the shell of your ear from the outside.



2. Adjust Your Volume


Some high-tech hearing aids will automatically adjust volume levels based on the input of the surrounding environment. Others will require manual adjustments according to your preferences. Be sure to ask about this feature when you go shopping for hearing aids.



3. Embrace Technology


If you own a smartphone, you can download dozens of apps to help you manage life with hearing aids. This is because smartphones come with built-in microphones and speakers that can record, amplify and transmit noise as directed. There are some programs that will even allow you to remotely access your hearing aid and adjust its controls without touching it!



4. Record Yourself


One trick for modulating the noise level of your own voice is to record yourself talking in an empty room. When you play it back, you’ll know if you were speaking too loudly or too quietly, and you can experiment with the sound of your voice until you get it right.



5. Ask for Help


Places like movie theaters often offer assistive listening devices (ALDs). These can work in conjunction with or even in place of your hearing aids. Call the theater in advance so the equipment will be ready and set aside for you when you arrive.



6. Think About Your Hobbies


If you’re somewhat of an athlete, you might want to look into special seals and waterproof cases for your hearing aids. If you’re a musician, you’ll need an extra-powerful microprocessor that can transmit high notes and low basses alike.



7. Pick the Right Batteries


Batteries are everything when it comes to hearing aids. Small ones are more discreet, but large ones will last longer. Small ones are less likely to be damaged, but large ones are less likely to be lost. Which benefits are most important to you?



8. Beware of Background Noise


Some hearing aids are better than others at blocking out background noise, and you’ll need to select one that best suits your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a mountain climber, you probably don’t want a hearing aid that picks up a lot of wind noise. On the other hand, if you’re a symphony conductor, you do want to hear the tiny intricacies of your orchestra.



Hearing loss is no longer the grim diagnosis that it once was; with the help of 21st century technology and your own ingenuity, you can live a full, happy life with hearing aids.


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