5 Ways to Lessen your chances of Being in a Car Accident

It is a sad fact that car accidents are more common today than they were fifty years ago. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, more than one million people all over the world die in road crashes every year, and an additional fifty million people are left injured.

Car accidents can occur due to a number of factors. However, the leading cause of road crashes are distractions, road rage, careless driving, driving an unsafe vehicle and driving in bad weather conditions. And, the top injuries that can result from crashes include head trauma, broken bones, torn ligaments, depression, and driving-anxiety.

Being involved in a car crash is an emotionally and physically draining ordeal that can require a stay in the hospital, a spike in your insurance rate and counsel from a quality auto accident lawyer.

Nevertheless, as common as car accidents are, there are many ways to lessen your chances of being in one, below are a few easy ways to do so.


5 Ways to Lessen your chances of Being in a Car Accident:

  • Obey the traffic laws: Disobeying the traffic laws can confuse the other drivers on the road and cause an accident. Therefore, the absolute best way to avoid being in a car crash is to obey the traffic laws. Traffic laws are enforced to help drivers communicate their actions with other drivers on the road. Always maintain the correct speed limit, use your turn signals and look over your shoulders when switching lanes. Also, it is important to stay a safe distance away from the cars in front of you and stop at every stop sign and red light.
  • Drive free from distractions: Avoid all possible distractions. Do not try to convince yourself that you can multitask while driving a vehicle. Texting and applying makeup while driving is an absolute no-no. Also, you must ignore the urge to turn around and scream at your fussy children in the backseat. And always maintain clean windows and mirrors.
  • Drive in a safe car: It doesn’t matter how old your car is, all that is important is if the vehicle is safe to drive. Take your car in to be updated and serviced at the recommended times and if you should ever observe weird noise or smells.
  • Avoid careless drivers: When on the road it is important to be observant of the other cars around you. Keep at a safe distance from speeders, road-ragers and general careless drivers.
  • Avoid driving in bad weather: Driving in heavy snow or heavy rain can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, it is best to avoid traveling when the weather gets rough.

Newer “smart” cars are are being praised for their ability to cut down on the amount of accidents on the road. However, it is still up to you as the driver to make determined efforts to drive as safely as you can. Recovering from broken bones and harsh bruises can be avoided by following the easy tips above.


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