Here’s what your good friend, the beet root can do for you

Many people, especially children do not like to have beetroots because they do not like its taste and hate its red stains it leaves on their tongue and lips. Beetroots are not exceptions for people averse to healthy eating, as there are plethoras of other healthy food items that hardly anybody likes to have willingly. Many of you must know how rich beetroots are in vitamins and minerals, but you still avoid them. Probably after reading this article, none of you would like to miss the beetroot consumption. Click through and find out some very interesting health benefits beetroots have to offer you:

Good for your mental health


Depression is one thing that is no less than a chronic disease in the modern time, and it takes so many medicines to get rid of it. Those medicines contain harmful chemicals that treat depression but develop other complications in the body, so a natural treatment is always better and what better it could have been than beetroots. They contain betaine, and tryptophan that are substances that relax human mind, lower the blood pressure and make a person feel good.

Beets surpass Viagra

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Beetroots are much more effective and are harmless options as compared to Viagra. Beetroots used to be quite famous amongst ancient Romans, as they used to use it as an aphrodisiac. The paintings of beetroots on the walls of the world’s oldest brothel in Pompeii even make the belief of beetroots being aphrodisiacs even deeper. Beets are known as nature’s Viagra because they are loaded with boron, a mineral that increases the production of sex hormones in both males and females.

Natural remedy for anemia


It is loaded with iron, and iron deficiency in human body leads to anemia, so have beetroots. They do not only make up for the iron deficiency but enhance iron absorption as well, which promotes blood circulation, and increase the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen to different parts of the body.

Good for mental health


Betaine is a mood enhancer and beetroots are its rich source. Another mineral that is essential to maintain human being’s mental health is folate and its deficiency results in depression, insomnia, and panic attacks. Beetroots are a very good source of folate, help keeping a person in good mood, and maintain mental health.


Many people do not consume beetroots because either they do not like its taste or they hate the red staining it leaves on teeth and tongue. This is probably they do not know the superb health benefits of these underrated and overlooked roots.

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