6 Major Signs Of Depression In Women And How To Deal With Them

depression in women

Everybody has those days where they feel down. Sometimes, it can be due to some emotional turmoils, while sometimes it is just the climate. There is a thin line between feeling down for a while and being depressed. Many people do not even know if they are depressed or not. In most cases, depression in women is very common. In comparison to men, the depression that women face is very different. In fact, even statics show that women are more prone to depression than men are.

Common signs of depression in women

depression in women

There are some very prominent characteristics of women in depression. In this section, we will check out the most common symptoms of depression in women that you should watch out for.

Losing their focus

The ability to focus slowly starts to reduce. If you are wondering about how to deal with depression in females, you have to first keep an eye on this factor. This will help you to know if the woman in your life is the same or not. Even the smallest chore can become tough because they cannot focus.

They no longer enjoy things like they used to


Women who suffer from depression feel disconnected from many things. While at one point, they would love to do certain activities; during their depressive phase, things change. Their interests and hobbies became a thing of the past.

Appetite and weight fluctuations

The weight and appetite are the first things that get affected when we look at depression in women. The lack of interest in eating food, overeating, or emotional eating, as well as sudden fluctuations in the weight (especially drastic weight loss), can be a cause for concern.

Having mood swings /talking about unnecessary things


Mood swings are another sign of depression in women. However, things become worse due to the exaggerated thought process. If a woman is depressed, she will not only experience mood swings but also think and talk about unnecessary things. Deaths, failure, and loss of hope are some of the different things that she will talk about in most of her conversation.

Energy levels are no longer that great/ haywire sleep cycles

The next thing that you have to watch out when looking out for signs of depression is to watch out for extreme tiredness. Due to the mental strain, the body tends to lose out on its energy levels. Because of this, a woman may start feeling tired very fast. Even the sleeping habits go haywire because of her constant over-thinking or depression.

Understanding the different reasons for depression in women


Due to the constant hormonal changes in a woman’s body, it is very easy for her to slip into depression. Some of the reasons as to why woman get into this state would include:

  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Post-partum depression
  • Menopause

Tips on how to deal with a woman’s depression

  • Be there for her when she wants to speak out. As much as you would want to express your thought, sometimes staying quite will really help.
  • Get professional help and start the relevant treatment ASAP.
  • Make her feel comfortable and happy at all times.
  • Avoid getting into arguments or blaming her for everything.
  • Be patient with her when she is down in the dumps.

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