A Physician’s Career: The Potential of Locum Tenens

It’s understandable to be stressed and frustrated with the many challenges of a physician’s career. Such a choice in healthcare is undoubtedly noble, as it’s a career choice to help others in their journey through life. However, many physicians have difficulty caring for their needs when they must cater to many others.

It doesn’t help that they have to deal with such a hectic schedule for the most part, which often results in debilitating health conditions down the road. Such is the reason why it might be best to consider alternatives in the form of locum tenens.

What is locum tenens?

Simply put, locum tenens is still very much the same job you already have, only this time, you’re temporarily filling in for vacant roles. You can choose the location and the amount of time you spend on the assignment. Depending on your chosen physician recruiter, you’ll also have much more control over other aspects of your task.

How is locum tenens better than the traditional career path?

Depending on the situation, locum tenens is not necessarily much better. Each career path has pros and cons, so it’s a good idea to research as much as possible before deciding. For example, locum tenens requires you to travel to different places with each assignment, so those who aren’t fond of traveling and switching up on lifestyles might not be too fond of being a traveling physician.

However, it does come with many benefits, which is why plenty of physicians have switched to a locum tenens career. These benefits include:

          (i)    More control over your schedule

Those who go on assignment through locum tenens will find it much easier to control their schedules, as you’re only required to do your job. You no longer have to work on administrative duties and will only be needed to fill in for your specific role.

        (ii)    Higher pay

Depending on your chosen assignment, you’ll receive higher pay than the usual career, which is how some healthcare professionals manage to pay off student loans.

       (iii)    A more exciting career path

While those who don’t enjoy traveling might not go for locum tenens, those who want a more exciting career path would benefit greatly as a traveling physician. Depending on their choices, healthcare professionals head to varied locations, giving out their services to those who need them the most. 

What should I watch for when tackling locum tenens?

It’s a good idea to research your chosen location as much as possible and to prepare yourself for new ways to handle your work responsibilities. After all, not all medical facilities are the same, so you’ll have to get used to how things work ASAP. Fortunately, your future coworkers (and, of course, your superiors) will understand your position and will be much more likely to walk you through the orientation process.

Locum tenens can be an incredible and exciting venture, and it could be a way for even tenured physicians to restart and breathe new life into their careers. If you feel like things are too much, consider the life of a traveling physician.

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