Air Runner for ones who desire extra kick while exercising

You do not find your daily running and exercising exciting because that has become your routine, and routines are generally boring. Worry not, as here is the Air Runner, a project by the Indeed Innovation, Germany that will make your exercising exciting like never before.

Air Runner- your flying companion

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Since a long time you have been running every day to ensure you are in shape and good health. Now, you do not feel like continuing because you find it boring. The Indeed Innovation, Germany has come up with a unique and quite a helpful concept that can make your monotonous running routine extremely interesting. The Air Runner is your companion for running that will motivate you to run every day.

A gadget that is designed to make your running and exercising full of thrill and excitement, thus enabling you to continue your exercise and remain fit and fine. The concept takes inspiration from aerial drones, as it is designed to work as your flying companion that works like a projector to display exercise moves on the ground, tracks your activities, and entertains you while you jog. The projector creates a virtual adventure landscape for runner and provides enough light making running in the dark possible.

Eight motors power Air Runner, which gives it a powerful and a steady status that even strong winds do not leave any impact on it. Unlike aerial drones, this unique gadget makes no noise and the vertical and horizontal blade design prevents other external impacts on it as well.

Customize your running experience

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The Air Runner enables you to tailor your walking experience, as in it enables you to do walking just the way you want it to be. For example, you can feed in the distance, entertainment mode, and the route you will be taking for your upcoming run with the help of the app. Once you are done feeding data, the drone lifts up from its magnetic docking point, and serves as a flying guide.

Its camera captures your movements; you can switch it from photograph mode to video mode with simple gestures such as clapping your words. You can choose your own gestures to command the camera. You can flaunt your game scores and your running videos, as you can share them using the app designed for Air Runner.

Air Runner is a futuristic concept that is designed to motivate people to exercise, run and be healthy. It makes running experience interesting.

Source : Behance.Net

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