Think twice before throwing that banana peel – It’s prepped for health

Next time you eat a banana, do not throw its peel because there are numerous things you could do with it. Following is the list of purposes a banana peel can serve:

Easy splinter removal

laser ramoval of wart

Removing splinter is one of the most annoying and a painful experience, which requires lots of patience. You try cutting, digging, and scraping the skin around a splinter but sometimes it still does not come out. A better and much more effective approach is to use a banana peel that works wonders, simply wrap banana peel for some time and then apply pressure, the splinter will at once pop out.



Psoriasis is a painful and a very frustrating skin condition that makes one’s skin red, itchy and scaly. Banana peel can be of great help to cure patchy skin, and to relieve the itchiness owing to its superb moisturizing properties.


verruca and blister formation after being frozen

Banana peel effectively reduces or eliminates occurrence of new warts and remove the existing ones. For this, you have either have to rub banana peel over the affected area, or tie the peel to the affected part overnight.

Relieve Rashes and Itches


Be it that annoying itch you are experiencing owing to a bug bite, or some kind of skin rash is annoying you, simply rub banana peel over it and see the effect. If there is too much of burning sensation in the bug bite and you want instant relief, chill banana peel and then apply it.

Fights acne

beautiful healthy woman  frightened saw in the mirror acne and w

Do not let acne affect your self-confidence and try fighting it with a banana peel. It is a natural soothing balm for acne owing to the enzymes present in the inner side of banana peel. Acne appears on your skin due to the clogged skin pores, apply banana peel, as it opens the pores and reduce inflammation.

Teeth whitener

beautiful casual woman showing her perfect white teeth.

So many people every year spend a good part of their hard-earned money on teeth whitening products. There will be no need to spend such a big amount on teeth whitening materials but still have that sparkling smile if you use banana peel. Rub in inside of banana peel on your teeth, do it quite a number of times and see how your teeth start to whiten and glow naturally.

Heals bruises

Heals bruises

If you apply banana peel onto the bruises, they will heal faster. The enzymes present in the banana peel improve the recovery process of skin, which helps bruises recover fast.

Before putting banana peel in to the trash bin, you can consider so many purposes it serves and then decide whether you should throw it or not.

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