Best Practices for Developing Successful Diabetes Mobile Apps

Best Practices for Developing Successful Diabetes Mobile Apps

To develop a high end and successful mobile apps on a specific disease like diabetes, we need to have some clinical knowledge about the disease.



Diabetes is a disease cause due to metabolic disorders in human body. Inadequate insulin production in human body may be the cause of this disease. Secondly, Human body cells may not respond properly to insulin. A diabetic patient can have both the problems. Sometimes Genetic Mutation can be the cause of this harmful disease. This disease damages blood vessels and leads to complex diseases like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, dental disease and amputations.

Features of diabetes mobile apps:-

Today, in our busy world, it is essential to have an advanced and handy gadget like mobile with a fabulous app to suffice every necessary detail required to cope up with diabetes. The descriptions or the intentions of the diabetes app are very attractive to the diabetic patients. But, the majority of today’s diabetes apps do not comply with standards. Moreover, disintegrationwith the social networking media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, e-mails etc. with this app, creates a gap.



Standard mobile diabetes apps-

Personalized: –For diabetic patients self-management is must. A successful mobile app should be able to keep personalized data like tracking of glucose results, carb intake and insulin doses entered by the consumer.Then review of the data with suitable charts and graphs to gain a new perception on personal diabetes management.

Feedback: –Diabetes Companion is the most comprehensive diabetes mobile utility. By using diabetes websites, Diabetes Companion offers tools to manage diabetes on the go. Itfacilitates with expert answers to the personalized questions and look up foods and diabetes-friendly recipes to manage blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere.

Features: –Glucose Buddy is a data storage utility for people sufferingfrom diabetes.  User’s manual entry on glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages and activities shouldbe viewedonline account.

Integration: –A standard diabetes apps should be integrated with critical health parameters like blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and lifestyle changes like weight management, exercise, nutrition etc. The connection tool to link with the physician to recognize trends, probable developments and provide quality personalized feedback.

Motivational System: –Few motivational apps like Runkeeper, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, MediSafe, Moves etc. should be the part of Diabetes Mobile Apps. 

Ease of Data Input: -User should find it easy to input data in the apps. Else user will lose temper and attraction for this app.

Hence these are the few things to be kept in mind to develop a successful diabetes mobile apps.

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