Best websites for men

While general health websites can be used by all, both men and women too have specific issues that need to be dealt with carefully. Some health concerns that are specific to men can be addressed in certain sites specially designed for men. 178368065 Some of the websites that can be used by men for their health concerns and to gain information on those issues are:

  • CDC Men’s health – This site is owned by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and offers medical and preventive medicine health information that can be used by men as well as healthcare professionals. A lot of information ranging from lifestyle choices like alcohol, smoking, etc lifestyle disorders like obesity, cholesterol and their management to preventive medicine, stress management and workplace safety are addressed here.
  • Men stay healthy at any age – This website is developed by the Agency on Health research and provides information and checklist for men in order to be vigilant about their heath. Men can get information about screening tests, diagnostic values, preventive medicines, vaccinations and other important health tips.
  • Urology Care Foundation– This site is promoted by American Urological Association and aims at providing information on urological conditions experienced by men. While it covers general urologic complaints affecting everyone, men can make the most use of the information given specific to men issues.

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