Caring for eye strain

Caring for eye strain

These days computer use is on the rise and adults as well as children are subjected to the use of computer and other screens. All these cause strain to your eyes and the eye muscles get stressed. While taking some break from computer use will provide some relief, it also needs something more than just rest.


Some signs and symptoms of eye strain include blurring of vision, neck pain and headache, pain and redness of eyes, dryness or irritation of eyes, oversensitivity to light, etc. In case the problems persist for a long time it is better to get examined for vision disturbances or errors of refraction. For those who already have diagnosed such problems and are under treatment can use these tips in addition to your medical advice.

Do it yourself

Certain exercises and activities when performed at the right time will prove to be very helpful in caring for your eyes.

  • Dryness of eyes is caused due to lack of lubrication. Hence it is important to blink your eyes so that the tears are able to keep your eyes lubricated.  It is observed that when a person uses the computer the blinking rate is severely reduced and hence it causes more eye strain. So, blink!

Spending hours on the computer

  • Computer work requires a lot of focusing at a small distance, which causes more strain on the eye muscles. Take breaks more often, at least small ones of few minutes and make it a point to look away from the computer screen. Focus at some far away object and help your eye muscles to relax from focusing close.


  • Close your eyes for some time and cover them with your palm. Do this during your breaks and also many times a day, it allows your eyes and muscles to relax. This helps to completely block the light entering your eyes and outer exposure.

Home remedies for tired eyes

  • Some exercises can be performed to strengthen eye muscles, to improve their control and reduce their strain. Roll your eyes sideways, up and down, and in circular motion; each movement can be performed for five counts and at least twice a day. It can be done during breaks at work.

Most importantly in case you are using spectacles, check for anti radiation coating as that helps in reducing the strain. Also check for your computer screen and see if any changes are required.

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