Birth Control Pill: How Velivet Works Best To Prevent Pregnancy

Birth Control Pill

Research shows that most women are using birth control pills instead of any other contraceptives. It’s so because these pills work from the inside of your body, so the chances of the pill to get you the best result is almost 100%. The primary function of these pills is to produce estrogen and progestin, which are female hormones that suppress the pituitary gland to stop the development and release of egg in the ovary.

There are a lot of birth control pills available right now in the market. Because of that, you might be confused about what kind of pill should work best for you. Velivet is one of the most used pill by women. You might consider knowing more about the Velivet pill and how it works perfectly to prevent pregnancy.

What is Velivet Pill and How it Works?

sperm and egg cell

It is a combination type of birth control that contains desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol. These female hormones work by preventing ovulation from happening, thickening the vaginal fluid for preventing the sperm from traveling to the uterus and also these synthetic female hormones change the lining of the uterus to avoid attachment of fertilized egg. Velivet pill is a prescription birth control that comes in tablet form. In a pack, it contains 21 pieces of Velivet pill.

How Much Will It Cost You Using The Pill?

The retail price of Velivet birth control pill is around $39.42. It may cost you a lot since it is not a onetime purchase; you have to take it every month until you don’t want to be pregnant. If you are going to buy 12 boxes right for a year supply that would cost you $473.04 if the price does not change. However, you can also take advantage of some discounts, vouchers or coupons being offered right now in the market like Velivet coupon. They offer up to 66% discount from the retail price. It is a practical move especially if you are not yet ready to have a baby. 

How to Take Velivet Pill?

Birth Control
Birth Control Pill

The box containing the pill comes with a leaflet with instructions on how and when to take the Velivet pill and what you should do if you miss taking the pill. Unlike other medicines, birth control pills have different dosages per tablet; that is why it is imperative that you know what the first tablet to take is and what’s next. If you miss one single tablet in a day, you can no longer continue using it. You have to start from the start to make sure that you are not going to get pregnant. Pregnancy is more likely possible if you miss the proper way of taking the pill no matter how effective it is. Do not forget that it is better to talk to a doctor or pharmacist before taking any pill to ensure your safety and also to get the results.

Precautions to Remember in Using Velivet Pill

Before using the pill it is important to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your allergies. It is also essential that your doctor knows everything about your medical history especially on blood clots, high blood pressure, abnormal breast exam, cancer, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, gallbladder problems, severe headaches, kidney diseases, liver diseases, stroke, swelling, and vaginal bleeding.

If you are pregnant, if you become pregnant or think that you are pregnant, you should not take any contraceptive pill. Taking this medication is prohibited for women who just underwent an abortion.

What to Expect While Taking the Pill?

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Most of the medicines have side effects, and even Velivet also has some. While taking this pill you are going to get headaches, breast tenderness, bloating, nausea, or weight changes. It can also affect your moods like you will be sleepy all day or the opposite. Eventually taking it will help you with your menstrual problems. These side effects are expected to occur because the contraceptive pill is working on your hormones. Hormonal changes in your body are likely to happen so you must ready yourself mentally for it.


If you are not yet ready to have a baby no matter what reasons you have, then you should learn more about contraceptives. You should start talking to a doctor or read more about it. Always remember that before you take any contraceptives, you must tell your doctor everything about your medical history and your purpose of using it.

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