8 – Everyday things that most people are addicted to

Hoarding is an addiction

Addiction is something we associate with harmful substances. These substances have some chemicals which make people dependent on them, and take them on a downward spiral. However, it seems that we can get addicted to things which have no chemicals in them. Most of us are either addicted or on the brink of addiction to almost anything, and we may not even find it abnormal behavior. Take a look at this list of the most common things people are addicted to:

8 – Everyday things people are addicted to

1. Social media and the internet

Social media and the internet

Addictions need not be just to objects we use or injest. There are several behavioural addictions too, and being addicted to the net, to the point that it disrupts life is becoming more common. One study speculated that almost 8.2% people in Europe and the US suffer from addiction to the internet, in form of social media.

People get a high from the multiple rewards layers, through ‘likes’ on Facebook, ‘fires’ and  so on, and spend hours online in ‘non-work’ activities. The internet is one of the things people are addicted to, especially when they spend about 38 hours doing nothing but posting or scrolling or browsing the net every week.

2. Breastfeeding

Woman breast feeding newborn

Some moms love the bonding between the baby and them too much for too long a time. Instead of weaning the babies off, they continue breastfeeding due to the powerful emotional bond between the mother and the child. These mothers struggle to give up this addiction which might be commoner than you think!

3. Caffeine


The first step to overcoming addictive behaviour is to find out that you’re addicted. Caffeine is one of the substances that people are addicted to without their realizing it. If you get a headache, become irritable if you skipped your morning shot of coffee, then you maight be actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Not only coffee, caffeine is in other beverages such as energy drinks and soda. Caffeine is used as it mimics adenosine, but creates the opposite effect i.e. it causes speeding up of the nervous system. People who have cafeeine addiction are extremely reliant on it and drink several cups a day, as it also activates the brain’s pleasure center.

4. Eating spicy and salty snacks

Eating spicy and salty snacks

Some of you may be drooling at the mention of spicy-salty snacks. They are irrestible to some people, to the level that their triglyceride level shoots up, as most of these snacks are fried. Salty foods are things people are addicted to easily as it acts as antidepressant. It’s a dangerous addcition, which might even change the brain’s chemistry – which is why you end up wanting more, even after you your have had your fill.

If you consume spicy –salty snacks everyday in quite large amounts, then you might have to get help in overcoming addictive behaviour.

5. Hoarding


It is easy for most people to get rid of things which have outlasted their use, but others find it quite hard and things people are addicted to could be clothes, trinkets, odds and ends, magazines, newspapers and anything and everything. Collecting things, which ultimately fill up the home, is one of the behavioural addictions which need to be treated. People get emotionally attached to stuff or feel insecure or there could be any number of reasons for this addiction.

6. Negativity


Some people can be addicted to negativity. It’s strange but true. They get used to being low and down, and keep trying to find something negative in everything they come across in life. These people are perennial pessimists who find fault in everything. There is a term for it – ‘negaholism’.

Instead of being mentally stimulated from negativity -the brain too is more stimulated by negativity, making it easier to get addicted to negative reactions and feelings. This is not a normal way to lead life, and people who are constantly negative need to gradually change their attitude and find their path to positivity.

7. Eating glass

undergone surgery

Addictions are unreasonable and consuming sharp pieces of glass is one of the things people are addicted to. People who eat glass continue doing so, disregarding the health problems caused by it, even after they have undergone surgery to get rid of the shards of glass inside their body.

8. Television

woman watching television

If you freak out at the thought of not watching TV for a day, then you may have an addictive personality which is addicted to TV among other things. Getting hooked on to television is easy, as it helps most people to fight loneliness, stress or sadness. Watching TV is normal but going to extremes becomes a dangerous behavioual addiction.

Attending funerals, being in love, romantic rejection are other things which people get addicted to. Reducing stress, getting professional help and taking up a sport or a hobby might help to overcome addictions.

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