Bring home Air Visual Node to improve indoor air quality

Living in cities means being habitual to a polluted environment. But homeowners try tomaintain freshness in within the house with air purifiers, however that’s not a perfect way to get fresh air. Air Visual Nodeis a smart alternative to all air purifiers, as it gives a visual data of air quality within your home. It is basically a monitor that measures the amount of fresh and unhealthy air, helping you to filter only clean air for breathing.The device was designed keeping in mind the patients suffering from asthma, high blood pressure and lung cancer. So, they can breathe in healthy air wherever they want.

Embedded with air quality indicators

Air Visual Node 2

The Air Visual Node consists offour indicators that display the air quality. The first indicator points out the indoor air pollution by showing the amount of particulate matter (PM). These particles damage your lungs and throat.PM 2.5 is very dangerous for health and being the tiniest particle that can easily enter the blood. The second indicator shows the outdoor air pollution that generally compares your outdoorand indoor atmosphere. By comparing, it becomes easy for you to know the amount and quality of healthy air that you are breathing. The third indicator lets you know the humidity and temperature of the place and the fourth indicator showsthe carbon dioxide levels.

Taking action on alerts

Air Visual Node 3

Whenever the Air Visual Node alerts you about the polluted air, and also takes necessary actions to build a clean and healthy environment. When sufficient ventilation is required or when you need to clean the filters, the device immediately sends notification on your smartphone via mobile app. In such situations, you can open the windows allowing fresh air in.

AirVisual Node is an ideal interface to see how good or bad air within your living space is. Moreover, it helps you adopt a healthy and pollutant-free living.

Source : Indiegogo.Com

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