How Can I Overcome My Fears of The Dentist?

Being afraid of the dentist is not something to be embarrassed about. In fact, dental anxiety and dental phobia is actually a real thing.


People who suffer from dental phobia become stressed when it comes time to visiting the dentist. Like with any phobia, though, there are ways to manage and completely alleviate your stress when it comes to seeing the dentist. No matter how big or small, the following tips will help you overcome your fear of the dentist.


Find a dentist you trust.

Before you can start to overcome your fear, you have to first trust the person who will be examining you. Because of this, it’s very important that you find a dentist and take your time to meet with a variety of dentists and choose the one who you trust the most. Don’t be afraid to set up a time to meet the dentist, talk with him or her about your fears, and to even ask questions. The more comfortable you are with your dentist, the less stressful the experience will be.

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Know what is expected.

Sometimes the stress that occurs from going to the dentist has to do with fear of the unknown. If this is the case, set up a time to meet with your dentist and go over the routine that will occur during your dental visit. By allowing your dentist to show you what will happen, you may calm your fears enough to participate.


Another good way to know what’s expected is to tag along with a friend or family member for their dental visit. Seeing someone you love be treated by the dentist cannot only show you what to expect, but to also learn that it’s not something to be afraid of.


Get your mind off the visit.

Sometimes the stress of going to the dentist can be mostly in your head. If you have a tendency to think situations are worse than they really are, you’ll want to take your mind off the visit. Bring books or magazines to read while in the waiting room so you’re not thinking about the visit. You can even bring headphones and listen to music or books on tape while your visit is occurring. This way, you don’t have to listen to your dentist, hear the awful music he or she plays, or even hear the sound of the tools they use.


Don’t do it all at once.

There’s no rule that says you have to undergo every type of treatment or procedure in one visit. If the anxiety is too much, take baby steps and only do one or two things during your visit. For example, maybe on the first visit your dentist can simply look in your mouth and do an evaluation, or maybe he or she can simply use this visit to take x-rays. Then, on your next visit you can have them clean the bottom half of your teeth, and follow up with the top half of your teeth on another visit. Breaking down the visit into smaller visits can help alleviate the stress.


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Before you do this, though, it’s a good idea to talk about it first with your dentist so that he or she fully understands what you want.

Remember that sedation dentistry is an option.


If all else fails, you can opt for sedation dentistry.

With sedation dentistry, you will be sedated during your visit so that your dentist can perform any necessary evaluations or procedures. This way, you will be comfortable, and your dentist will be able to do his or her job with ease.


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