Cause and cure for genital warts

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can have a huge effect on the daily life of a person. A person suffering with STD may find it difficult and embarrassing to consult a doctor. This can result in worsening of the situation. If symptoms appear, a person should consult physician as soon as possible. An early cure can help in easing daily stress a person goes through in this kind of disease. A common STD is Genital Warts, which are extremely contagious.


A brief introduction to Genital Warts

Genital Warts appear around the genital and anal area. They are also found inside surfaces of vagina, urethra opening, on or around the penis and cervix. They are not painful and incurable and can only be a cause of psychological stress for a person. They are a type of viral skin infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a group of more than 60 viruses, out of which few cause sexually transmitted disease.


They usually occur in clusters and flesh-colored or grey swellings. They may cause itching and are uncomfortable. In some cases, bleeding occurs during intercourse. They usually develop after 6 weeks to 6 months from the time of infection.

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The human papillomavirus causes genital wart. This transmission of disease takes place during vaginal or anal sex or through non-penetrative sexual activity too. Few studies suggest that condoms can prove preventive but others are against it. They affect women generally at the time of pregnancy, when the immune system is weak. In rare cases, the woman can pass this disease to infant that can result breathing and developmental disabilities for the new born. In such cases, a caesarean section is useful.

Types of Genital Warts

  • Itchy or bleedy: Scratching warts and their considerable size may cause bleeding or constant itching.
  • Genital warts in women: Women generally have warts in or around anus, vagina, neck of the womb and vaginal lips. The most common cases are of vulva region.
  • Genital warts in men: This disease is not common in men. It can generally occur near tip of penis, around anus, near scrotum and inside urethera.



Treatment of genital warts should be according to their type. Some warts are cured with creams like Aldara and Warticon. In severe cases, surgery is another option. Removing of Genital warts is by freezing them called cryotherapy or by burning them off called as electro cauterization. Other surgical methods are lasers or injections. After getting your treatment, make sure to keep the area clean, do not scratch, and avoid sexual contact. If a treatment is not received at the right time, HPV can cause cervical cancer also.


There are many myths about STDs. Therefore, to avoid being misled, visit a good physician who can ensure an effective treatment. A problem like genital warts is curable, and if checked in time, can prevent unease and spread of infection.

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