Can you jog if you have had cardiac arrest?

Can you jog if you have had cardiac arrest?

Researchers have proved that after a cardiac arrest one can continue with the normal lifestyle- what is required is controlling the diet and slow walking every day. Jogging is also ok as long as it is slow and brisk. Regular exercise reduces the chances of a cardiac arrest.


Cardiac arrest is usually cause by the irregular pumping of the bold into the heart, discontinuing blood flow and resulting in the attack. Running long distance races is not bad for the health as per doctors and cardiologists.

It has been seen that numerous people with cardiac arrests have been seen to jog and also take part in the marathon races. Running helps people more then it causes damage.


Advantages of jogging

Jogging is a great physical exercise. Jogging helps in smooth circulation of blood in the heart and also helps the heart to pump in more amount of oxygen increasing the heart beat and reducing the chances of a cardiac arrest. Exercising is definitely good for the heart and regular jogging everyday will not risk your chances of getting a cardiac arrest.

  • It also helps to strengthen the muscles
  • Helps to burn unwanted calories
  • Helps maintain weight
  • Improve cardiovascular robustness

It has been seen that marathon runners also face low risk of cardiac arrests. The main reason of facing cardiac arrests while running is because the blood pressure suddenly falls, or

Jogging actually risks that chance of having a heart attack. However another fact that is observed is that if you have a previous problem of heart attacks or if you have heart problems, then majority of the cardiac arrests are seen to be occurring during an exercise. But that does not mean that one cannot jog after a cardiac arrest. Jogging is the best way in which one can support a cardio vascular health.

Though people have been seen to suffer cardiac arrests after jogging, it is not always true that jogging is bad after a cardiac arrest.

So you can always jog after a cardiac arrest.


A cardiac arrest can be the most miserable moment of your life. This is the gate way to restriction of all types of food, lead a sedentary life style and follow a strict diet pattern. However can you jog if you have had a cardiac arrest?

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