Common causes and natural treatment of frequent urination in men and women

The normal frequency of urine is 4 to 8 times in a day, anything more than that may be considered frequent. Many people ignore the issue and some are scared that a serious problem may surface. Obviously, ignoring a problem can aggravate the issue and cause some serious health trouble.

Common causes of frequent urination

Out of the several causes of frequent urination, the most common ones are diabetes, urinary tract infection, pregnancy, prostrate issues. Other causes could be certain medicine especially diuretics, kidney infection and bladder stones.

  • In men

Man in jeans covers his crotch with hands

Frequent urination may accompany pain and burning sensation. When there is pain and burning sensation, the frequent urination may be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infection, kidney stones or prostate issues. Diabetes and side effects of certain medications can be a cause of frequent painless urination in men.

  • In women

frequent urination  In women

The uterus in women becomes enlarged due to pregnancy, which causes a pressure on the bladder and frequent urination occurs. There are two types here as well, in one condition, females pass less urine and in the other condition, they pass more urine, the frequency in both cases remains more.

When women urinate frequently and the quantity passed is less, they could be infected by UTI, infection in the kidney, bladder or the pelvic region. In case the urine excreted is more, there are two major reasons behind frequent urination – diabetes mellitus and intake of plenty of fluids. It may also be because of a kidney disorder, diabetes insipidus and high calcium in blood.

Natural ways to stop frequent urination

Of course, consulting a doctor is important and if on diagnosis, you do not have any majorhealth issues following these remedies is absolutely safe. In case of a medical condition and your doctor permits, you can use these remedies.

  • Pomegranate peel paste

Delicious juicy ripe pomegranate and its half. Studio shot.

Make a fine paste of the pomegranate skin, yes that’s right the skin. Consume a pinch of the paste with a couple of drops of water, twice a day. In about five days, the medicine will lower your bladder heat and minimize the urge to urinate frequently.

  • Horse grams

Collection of small chickpeas

Roast a few ounces of horse gram and consume it with jaggery , this will help in fighting urinary infections. Horse gram has antioxidants and essential minerals that work as a good medicine.

Use these simple remedies to get relief. The best part of using DIY home remedies with natural ingredients is that there are no side effects, even if problem does’nt seems to reduce.

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