Confirming pregnancy with homemade pregnancy tests

Some signs are making you expect that you are pregnant but you are not too sure about it. You are way too excited to confirm your pregnancy all by yourself. You need not go to a chemist to buy a pregnancy test kit, as you can do the same with some ingredients in your kitchen or in your bathroom. So here is your guide to making DIY pregnancy tests that can tell you those three lovely words – “you are pregnant.”

Vinegar, Tuna Juice & Urine

Apple cider vinegar over white wooden background

Take ¼ cup of tuna juice and mix equal amount of vinegar to it. Leave the mixture in room temperature overnight, and next morning add your morning urine sample to it. If the solution turns bright green in color, then your vinegar pregnancy test is positive. If it turns orange or yellow, the result is negative. Make sure you do this experiment in open, and you keep your nose and mouth away from it, as the harmful gas produced can harm you.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Toothpaste Diagonal

The toothpaste in your bathroom can determine your pregnancy status and can give you the ultimate happiness with its positive result. Take some white toothpaste in a bowl and add your urine to it. If the toothpaste turns blue or frothy, it calls for a party because it says you are pregnant. However, not just depend upon the froth of the paste, as toothpaste becomes frothy even if it meets urine of a woman who is not pregnant.

Collected Urine Approach

Urine color (1)

Simplest of all and trusted by many women across the globe is the collected urine approach. You store your urine in a bottle untouched for 4 hours. Then check whether there is white film on the surface of urine on the bottle or not. If that is there, you can rejoice because that confirms you are pregnant.

The Sugar Pregnancy Test

The Sugar Pregnancy Test

Women used to rely on this test on old times when there were no other methods to confirm pregnancy. Take some sugar in a bowl and put some of your first morning urine in it. Wait and check reaction, as in if the sugar completely dissolves in the urine, it means you are not pregnant, If you see sugar clumps in urine, it means you are pregnant. The HCG hormone in urine prevents sugar from dissolving.

Homemade pregnancy tests are cheap and effective measures to confirm one’s pregnancy. Easy tests that one can make using ingredients easily found in one’s home.

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