Curing bedwetting by travelling the route of natural remedies

Bedwetting is a condition that is quite frustrating and annoying for both children (if they are old enough to understand) and parents. It is a condition when infants and small children unknowingly pass urine in bed.

sleeping little girl

There are ample reasons for this condition such as small bladder, excessive urine production, deep sleeping habit wherein the mind does not get the urine signal, inheritance, UTI, stress, and chronic constipation. Whatever may be the reason, here are some natural and DIY remedies you can use to help your child get over bedwetting condition at the earliest:


olive oil massage

A very easy yet extremely effective remedy is an olive oil massage. Take some olive oil, heat it up a bit and then massage it on your child’s lower abdomen. Keep following this remedy every night until you see a positive result.


cinnamon powder on white background

Cinnamon powder or cinnamon bark has been a very popular way parents have used to stop their child wetting bed at night for a long time now. Give your child cinnamon powder or make him/her chew cinnamon bark at least once a day. You can add cinnamon powder with some sugar to their toasts you give them for breakfast.

Indian Gooseberries


Indian gooseberries (Amla) effectively cure the bedwetting problem in children. Mix some honey to the pulp of gooseberries and make your child have it in the night just before going to bed. You can add some turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to it as well.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice

Although children with bedwetting problem are advised to refrain drinking anything before going to bed but cranberry juice is one thing they must drink. Cranberry juice is extremely effective for UTI and other bladder infections, which automatically makes it a good bedwetting remedy. Make your child drink about 8 ounces of cranberry juice every night before going to bed.


coconut flower sugar

Jaggery produces a warm effect in body, which works wonders for children with bedwetting condition. Try to give your child jaggery with some hot milk every day, or add sesame and celery seeds can be one of the most effective remedies for bed wetting. As jaggery is known for generating warm effect on the body, it can be immensely helpful in treating bed wetting problems in children.

You can give your child a tiny piece of jaggery and make him/her consume it with a cup of hot milk. Next, an hour later, mix roasted sesame seeds and celery seeds in same proportion and add a bit of rock salt with the mixture. Now give this remedy to your child to intake it. If you follow this remedy on a daily basis you will surely notice a difference.

Bed-wetting can be an embarrassing problem for children as they grow up. These simple remedies can help deal with the problem effectively without attaching any stigma to the situation.

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