DIY dry shampoo recipes using common kitchen ingredients

You are either stuck in a place where washing your hair is just not possible, or your busy morning schedule is not allowing you a head wash. In such circumstances, dry shampoo comes to your rescue. Here are some DIY dry shampoo recipes that you can make with utmost ease using ingredients straight from your kitchen.

Cornstarch dry shampoo

Pile of finely ground flour and wooden scoop

This dry shampoo is super easy to make and gives too good results. You need ¼-cup cornstarch, 1-tablespoon baking soda, and cocoa powder depending upon how dark or light your hair color is. Mix all the ingredients well and then apply it on the oily parts of your scalp and hair, followed by brushing off excess powder from your hair. You will see all the oil and grease are gone, leaving you with silky and shiny hair altogether.

Salt and cornmeal dry shampoo


Take half-cup cornmeal and add one tablespoon of salt to it. Mix both the ingredients well and sprinkle the powder onto your scalp and hair. It removes all the oil and dirt from your hair, and then you can brush off the excess of it from your hair.

Dry clay shampoo

Beauty hairstyle

You can choose from a variety of dry clay, such as agar agar, green clay, or white clay to make this dry shampoo. You have to allow the clay reach roots of your hair, as then only the mixture can show its efficacy. The silica present in clay takes away oil or sebum from your hair, so to ensure it does not make your hair too dry, you can add some milk to the mixture if you plan a head wash after that.

Vanilla bean lavender dry shampoo

 Vanilla sticks with a flower on a white background.

This dry shampoo recipes is similar to the cornstarch recipe with a variation, as in vanilla bean and lavender are used in this recipe. The change in effect owing to the addition of these two ingredients is a nice and freshening fragrance this powder leaves in your hair. Massage it well into your hair strands and let it clean dirt and extra oil off your scalp, and leaving your hair shining and smelling so fresh.

Lemon cornmeal dry shampoo

Oil and lemon

To make this dry shampoo, mix cornmeal, a few drops of lemon oil, and castor oil. Lemon oil serves to add a refreshing fragrance to your otherwise stale hair, and castor oil helps leave your strands moisturized, so that they do not appear to be dry and dull.

Dry shampoos especially the ones that people make on their own, clean hair but do not strip hair of its natural oils, which wet shampoos usually do.

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