DIY healthcare regime blends techniques to create personal health eco system

The do-it-yourself health care regime allows the holistic integration of techniques in which people can create a personal health eco system that gives you the best using what is easily available to you. A do-it-yourself health care regime is a better option as it puts you in charge of your own well being and health care.


Grains, nuts, vegetables, plant oils and fruits contain bio-active components that influence your body various systems like immunity, angiogenesis, and anti-inflammation. Scientific studies have linked the wellbeing of these systems in the body to good dietary habits. Ongoing research in clinical and public health have brought modern credence to traditional remedies and recipes such as soups, chicken, honey, citrus, tea, apples, turmeric and other natural foods


Synonymous with good diet and eating habits is physical exercise that is done on a regular basis, these exercises should be done in many ways that will help in the activation of the biochemical pathways inside the body that can protect against diabetes, cancer neurodegenerative and cardiovascular as well as a host of other non communicable diseases. Apart from exercises, cultural practices such as dance, tai chi, running, yoga and other things can boost the physical well being.


The body requires a good amount of physical activity as well as Restorative sleep or inactivity; this balance maintains the body and reduces the risk of conditions like obesity, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Good sleep can be measured, cultivated and monitored and has increased in its vitality in a turbulent and accelerating world.

Behavioral and emotional solutions:

Humor and laughter can actually reduce and prevent depression and stress- these are the causes of various illnesses related to a lowered immunity, poor vascular health and other forms of disease resistance. Scientific research studies have proven that the physical, mental and emotional well being and actually supports the benefits of calming practices like tickling, yoga and meditation.

Some of the health solutions are sometimes so complex that we often choose not to follow them or overlook them, while other health care solutions are so simple that we can find them in our kitchens and in our homes. The simplest ways to good health and well being can be as easy as starting as easy exercise routine and changing our diet habits to include healthier foods and snacks and sticking to these changes.

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