Zoomba tips for home workouts

Zoomba tips for home workouts

Zoomba is a new fitness craze that makes weight management fun as it is all about dancing away without a care in the world. It is based on the simple philosophy that dancing is an exercise in itself and has helped many people lose weight. While Zoomba may be fun, here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members that are worth remembering;


This is not a dance reality show:

The choreography shown in Zoomba can be hard at times, at by the time you have managed to master a few steps, the instructor may be way ahead of you. Zoomba is about shedding pounds and not about winning a dance contest, it is about getting the basics right modifying it at a level that is easy for you. So if a certain level involves too many steps, stick with a few steps and increase your pace.


Take timeout to stretch either at the beginning of the work out or in between, Zoomba requires you to move your entire body and can easily burn more calories if your muscles are loosened up and will also lower the risk of injuring your self.


Drink water:

With Zoomba, you will be so busy focusing on the steps that you will actually forget how thirty you may have become. During the forty minutes of each session, you will be breathing hard and sweating so you will need to drink water to add water to your body. With proper hydration, you will get more lethargic, dizzy, you muscles may not work well, you will not be mentally sharp and you will get cramps. The right amount of water will give you more energy.

Right shoes:

Your footwear will help prevent your feet from getting sprained- Zoomba involves plenty of lateral movement, so wear shoes that can support that. The best shoes are cross trainers and dance shoes, walking and running shoes are the worst.

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Maximizing movements:

In addition to the steps for each routine, you can move your arms, hop around, keep your abs tight and press your heels before lifting your legs. This way you can burn more calories.


Prevent knee pain:

The knees absorb plenty of stress from the high impact steps and the dance steps, twisting and fast footwork. Cross train while going for Zoomba sessions, include strength training in between classes. You could also try Pilates or yoga so that you can avoid straining muscles.

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