DIY remedies for dealing with Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth have nothing to do with wisdom and are the last to appear, showing up at the age between 17 and 25. Sometimes, the other 28 teeth in our mouth leave no space for wisdom teeth and they get stuck and cause a lot of discomfort and pain like difficulty chewing and opening mouth, and soreness of gums. Some people are lucky because their wisdom teeth do not really trouble them much while growing, but for some others they bring painful nights and days. Fortunately, you can make use of some DIY remedies to soothe pain and discomfort that your wisdom teeth are giving you.

Tea Bag

Different varieties of leaf tea.

It gives quite a soothing relief to the wisdom teeth pin. Take a tea bag, herbal tea bag would be a better option, dip it in hot water and then place it on the cheek side of the aching wisdom tooth. You will instantly feel much a relief from the throbbing pain.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack

Ice pack comes very handy to soothe toothaches, as it helps numb painful sensations and gives a very nice temporary relief. Wrap some ice in a gauge, put it on the affected area, and bite it at regular intervals to keep the entire area numb.

Clove Oil

cloves and oil

Yet another very helpful home remedy is the application of clove oil on the affected area, as it also helps soothe pain temporarily by numbing the area. Clove oil kills the bacteria inside your mouth and eliminates swelling from the gums, thus, easing pain and discomfort.

Baking Soda

baking soda

Apply a coat of baking soda on the erupting wisdom tooth to ease the discomfort. To remove plaque around the gums, brush your teeth with baking soda and it will reduce sensitivity and other painful sensations.


Sliced Red Onion

Onions have anti-microbial properties, which kill the germs inside your mouth and eliminate swelling and pain. Chew an onion slice while taking its juice to the spot where you are feeling intense pain, or just hold the slice firmly between your teeth and its juice will automatically flow down to the painful area, eventually easing up the pain.

Cabbage Leaves

Pregnant woman in cabbage

Cabbage has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is a rich source of lactic acid, which is a powerful anti-bacterial agent. Crush a cabbage leaf a bit and then place it between your wisdom tooth and gum, and experience quick relief.

Wisdom teeth are the last ones to appear and are quite painful, especially when there is not much space in the jaw line for them. One can use some natural home remedies to soothe the discomfort and pain caused by their arrival.

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