Foods that will help you fight hangover

The best way to escape uneasy hangover the next morning is to stay away from over the booze limit, or to avoid booze entirely. However, many get overindulged and suffer the next morning, and sometimes the entire next day passes by lazing around with a heavy head. No worries, as you can prevent hangover in the easiest possible way, with the help of these following foods:

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Waking up with a heavy spinning head next morning and reaching out an energy drink is what many people do to shoo away their annoying hangover. Those drinks initially do some good to you but later when the nasty ingredients like fake food dyes in it start reacting, you feel it is even worse than the alcohol you had last night. The better and harmless solution is coconut water. An all-natural electrolyte boosting solution takes away the hangover effect in no time.



Alcohol consumption drains vitamin B and other nutrients out of your body, leaving you weak and dreary the next morning. Eggs take away such hangover effects, as they are a rich source of proteins that help stabilize the disturbed blood sugar level. Organic eggs are a better choice, as they help replenish the drained nutrients fast.


Thailand dessert - boiled bananas put coconut

Feeling shaky and weak the next morning of your overindulged booze night is but natural because your muscles have to pay off for the extra alcohol consumption that you do. If you feel so, you should have a banana and you will see a sudden improvement in your energy level, as it enhances the potassium level in body, thus, improving muscle function.


eating apple

An apple a day not just keeps the doctor away but also keeps the hangover away. Hangover is a sign that your body is demanding detoxification, and what better would do this than an apple. Eat an apple on an empty stomach, and see how the antioxidants, sugar, magnesium, and other minerals in it cleanse your system leaving you hangover free.



Munching carrots early morning sounds weird but it sounds meaningful on a morning you are experiencing hangover. Eat carrots and the natural detoxifying agents, sugars, vitamins and minerals present in it will soothe your painful hangover too soon.

Hangover is a way your body reacts to the loss or depletion of nutrients owing to the alcohol consumption. You can get the hang of some foods that prevent the aftereffects of your booze party, the so-called hangover.

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