DIY tips to help combat alcohol addiction

Getting over your alcohol addiction and moving on certainly does not happen, as nobody can get rid of it over night. De-addiction is a gradual process, a bumpy road on which sometimes you might feel it is impossible. However, your strong will power and the desired support of your loved ones take you all the way and make you defeat your alcohol addiction. Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some self-help tips you can use to get over your addiction in a natural and a healthy way:

Set goals and prepare yourself physically and mentally

alcohol addiction

Quitting any sort of addiction is tough but if you have a very strong will power, you are determined, and you get all the desired support then there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goal. Do not even try to get rid of it overnight, as sometimes the withdrawal symptoms prove fatal. Therefore, you are supposed to prepare yourself mentally and physically, so that your body responds quickly and fine to this great mission.

Increase juice intake

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Juice intake has a close relationship with making you feel better, and when you feel good, it becomes easier to quit alcohol addiction. The more is the intake of juices the lesser would be the craving for alcohol consumption. Continue good intake of juices and you will experience how less you miss alcohol. Apple juice, orange, and pineapple juice are the best option you must go with.

Healthy balanced diet

Fixing the diet

A disturbed mental state of a person such as depression and loneliness plays an integral role to tempt a person towards alcohol abuse. These mental conditions often spring up owing to malnutrition, so ensure you consume a healthy and a balanced diet all the time. You skip a meal, you will experience a much intense craving for drinking, and when your stomach is satisfied, you will not feel the urge to drink.

Grape Diet

12 grapes can bring you good luck

Grapes are one of the best natural cures for alcohol addiction. The Grape Diet is all about having only grapes and grape juice for a month, which works wonders helping people to get rid of their addiction. If you cannot follow strict grape diet, then ensure you consume good deal of grape juice and eat grapes on a regular basis that helps keep alcohol cravings at bay, eventually eliminating alcohol addiction.

Yoga and meditation

Woman doing yoga

One needs to prepare oneself both mentally and physically to tread the path of alcohol de-addiction. Yoga and meditation make your body and soul strong, thus, enabling you to win the fight against addiction.

Getting rid of alcohol addiction is tough but not impossible. Once you successfully reach your goal, you will experience heightened self-confidence, prosperity, and happiness, in fact everything that makes life blissful.

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