Natural treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Smoking, exposure to polluted air, asthma, drugs, and chemicals are a few causes of COPD, which is a disease of the lungs. The air passage is blocked and prevents the afflicted from normal breathing. The obstructed inflow and outflow of air leads to breathlessness, coughing, and pain in the chest. The symptoms are painful and highly discomforting. You can try these following natural home remedies to ease off the symptoms:

Black Tea

Black Tea

Tannins and some other chemicals present in black tea improve immunity, which makes it a must-have drink for people suffering from COPD. The swelling in the respiratory track, pain, and other discomfort caused by COPD, black tea relieves them all. Whenever the discomfort worsens, simply have a hot cup of black tea that spreads the passage, thus, enabling you to breathe better.

Consider your eating pattern

diet (1)

This is more of a precaution though; eating right keeps COPD at bay. People afflicted with COPD are either underweight or overweight. This happens because difficulty in breathing leaves a person tired, as more calories burn that leads to nutritional imbalance in the body. Therefore, you ought to be extremely cautious regarding your diet, as in take balanced diet, take smaller meals, and restrict too much of salt and sugar intake.

Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

COPD is a disease that makes breathing difficult for the sufferer owing to the clogging of bronchial tubes with mucous. Fennel seeds work wonders to lessen suffering that COPD causes, as it reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract and reduces mucous secretion as well. People suffering from this painful condition should take fennel seeds every day.


yellow turmeric on wooden spoon

Turmeric has superb anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties and is loaded with antioxidants. All these qualities make turmeric one of the most effective home remedies to soothe discomfort caused by COPD. Heat some ghee and add one teaspoon of turmeric to it, and have the mixture with hot milk. Turmeric goes inside and clears the passage by thinning down the accumulated mucous, and reduces the swelling on the passage too.



Mix some honey to ginger drops and drink this syrup at least thrice a day. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which make it work as an expectorant. The syrup soothes the inflammation in the passage, clears mucous from tubes, reduces cough, and enables you to breathe seamlessly.

COPD is a lung disease that eventually makes lungs extremely weak and vulnerable to multifarious infections. People suffering from COPD should take help of some very effective home remedies that relieve discomfort without any side effects.

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