Effective exercises to prevent blood clots

Effective exercises to prevent blood clots

Blood clots can be considered very dangerous health risks that can lead to potentially life threatening conditions. Usually caused by prolonged inactivity that causes the blood to pool in a specific place (mainly the veins), these blood clots mostly originate in the legs and then migrate to the lungs and heart. As such, it is considered essential for an individual to remain safe from these blood clots by remaining active for longer periods. And this can be done by exercises.

peroneal-stretchMost of the exercise for blood clots would target the legs in order to prevent the formation of these clots in the veins located in this region.Reduced mobility in the legs can reduce the muscle contraction in the same, therefore restricting the smooth flow of blood in the region. The longer the blood stays in the region, the higher the chances of getting blood clots that would eventually move to the heart and lungs via the bloodstream. Therefore, the majority of exercises aimed at reducing/preventing blood clots would focus on the large muscles in the legs. These include:

Frequent Walks

Frequent walks would enable the large muscles in the legs to contract well, thereby ensuring the smooth flow of blood back to the cardiovascular system, and the prevention of blood clots in the long run. So make it a point to walk frequently rather than staying inactive for extended periods. If you are traveling by car or plane for more than an hour, try opting for a short walk every hour or so to flex the leg muscles. You can stop the car at regular intervals for the same purpose, or walk up and down the aisle in the plane.


Stretching the legs at regular intervals would also help the large muscles contract properly, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots in the region. Make it a point to stretch the legs straight out from your hip in order to target both the hamstrings and quadriceps located at the back and front of your thighs respectively. Even if you are sitting at the desk for a long time, stretch your legs to improve blood flow in the region and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Exercises for Calves

It is also considered essential to work out the calf muscles in order to prevent blood clots. This is what you need to do for the same. Point the toes of your foot as far away from your body as possible. Hold this stance for a few seconds. Now pull back the toes towards your body and hold the stance for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise several times every hour to contract the calf muscles properly.


These are some of the most common exercises recommended for the treatment and prevention of blood clots. So make sure you incorporate these workouts in your daily exercise regime in order to stay safe from blood clots and the conditions caused by them.

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