Airo Wristbands enable calories conscious people track consumed calories

It is common knowledge that food is the source of our energy and when the digested food reaches the body cells, it produces energy. This energy is measured with the unit of calorie. Health conscious people are always in the lookout for gadgets and tools that can help them keep a tab on the calories they have burnt. The exercising machines like treadmills come with a screen where the amount of burnt calories is displayed. There are many health-tracking gadgets available in the market that help in keeping a count of used calories. Recently a small company in Canada has launched a wristband named Airo that can measure the calories you consume. This wristband definitely promises more accurate health tracking than any other health tracking device available to the calorie conscious generation.


A team of engineers, graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada, has created this amazing wristband. Other than measuring the amount of calories an individual consumes, it also tracks the level of stress, nutrition, amount of exercise and sleep. Just like other health tracking tools, AIRO too uses the heart rate of the user to assess the level of anxiety, sleep and activity. The specialty of AIRO lies in the fact that it can measure the calories one consumes and not just the calories one burns with the help of spectroscopy. It can prove to be a boon for the health conscious people because they can control the amount of calories they consume with the help of this wrist band.

The unique health tracking wristband makes use of LED light particles to sense the presence of calories in our bloodstream. It creates a caloric graph and is capable of measuring the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates that we consume. According to the CEO of the startup that launched AIRO, Abhilash Jayakumar, says that the different nutrients we eat can bend light particles in their own unique way. This is how the AIRO is able to understand the presence of different food particles in our blood and counts the calories we have consumed.

Counting calories has always posed a problem for the fitness freaks. The AIRO wristband can make it easy for them to get balanced nutrition. The market price of this device will be around $199. It is now a matter of speculation if people would like to buy such a pricey device for counting calories effectively.


Calorie counting can help us keep a tab on the amount of food we have consumed and curb unnecessary binging. AIRO is a device that can help people measure the amount of calories they have consumed easily.

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