The effects asthma can have on your sex life, and how to face it

Sex is an important part of healthy relationships. Asthma like many other diseases, can affect your sex life. There are ways to cope with it to maintain a healthy relationship and smooth sex life.

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Asthma triggers sex as it involves combination of increased breath and physical movements. Asthma attack when caused by sex is called sexercise-induced asthma. During asthma, muscles around airways tighten the muscles making the passage narrow. Less air passes from them causing suffocation to an infected person.

Symptoms of asthma are felt when air reacts to trigger. Trigger is mainly dust or pollen. Exposure to such even cause bleeding and worsen the breathing.

There are many ways to avoid this situation and enjoy normal sex life. Following are some of them.

Talk to physician:

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If you are facing such problem in your bedroom then first thing to do is talk to physician. Physicians prescribe bronchodilators that relax muscles. Consult your doctor before taking those. An overdose can worsen the situation.
Change position:

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Some positions can cause breathing problems. Avoid such positions that cause pressure on chest, and make you breathless. Try simple ones instead.
Quit smoking:

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Smoking can worsen asthma. Smoke can kill your breath. It is better to quit smoking to breathe properly. Smoking dehydrates the body. It affects lungs that can cause trouble in breathing.
Timely medication:


If you are already on medication, then follow it properly. Timely dosage of prescribed medicine is necessary. Ask doctor if facing serious problem.
Change timings:

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Change timings. Do it on late mornings and early afternoons. It is the best time as lungs are highly active at this time.
Drink less:

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It is better to avoid consuming alcoholic products. It causes severe coughing and wheezing. Also affects throat and leads to respiratory problems. Doctors advise less or no consumption of alcohol as it dehydrates the body.

Asthma is incurable disease. Proper care is must to avoid situations where the problem can flare up. Stay away from dust, dirt and pollen. Avoid smoking and drinking. It may cause severe respiratory problems. Make sure the home is clean, as cleanliness can avoid such problems.


Follow medication properly and consult physician as and when required. Also, to better your sex life, keep in mind some useful tips that will help in living a healthy life. It will build a healthy relationship also.

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