Tips for safe bicycle riding

Tips for safe bicycle riding

Fitness is all around you. There are a host of activities that you can choose from to maintain good health. In the aerobics category, walking, running, jogging exercises are all done by you but other are some other exercises where you make use of equipments.

Cycling is one such cost effective aerobic exercise. The health benefits of cycling are many. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It helps you keep in good shape and maintain your weight.  It can also be a great for spending weekend time with family and friends.

However, cycling requires use of equipment, as simple as a cycle. The moment you have equipments you need to be extra careful. It is important to follow certain safety measures.


Tips for you

Here are some tips for safe cycling.

Right bicycle

  • Make sure you choose the right bicycle for yourself.
  • The size and shape of the cycle should be perfect for you.
  • If any adjustments are required you can get them done beforehand.

Bicycle maintenance

  • It is necessary to keep the cycle in good working condition by getting it checked and serviced regularly.
  • Checking the brakes, oiling the machinery, etc is an integral part of the maintenance.

Traffic rules

  • As cycle riding in the open is often done on the roads, it is important to understand the safety rules of riding on the roads.
  • There are other vehicles around and hence limit yourself to one side and follow the regular driving directions.
  • Learn the signals that you might need to give while riding on the road, taking turn or crossing.


Wear a Helmet

  • Keep yourself safe by wearing a bike helmet.
  • It is for your safety and helps you to prevent from major injuries in case of an avoidable fall or a dash.
  • More so, makes sure the helmet is the right fit and is certified from the authorities.
  • Learn the correct ways of using the helmet so that it is properly placed flat on the head to cover your head and is fastened as recommended.

Family riding bikes together

Be noticeable

  • Bicycle riders can be difficult to locate in heavy traffic and it is important that riders make themselves easily noticeable.
  • You can wear bright colored clothes like neon or fluorescent
  • Use reflective tapes or something on the bicycle that reflects light and makes other aware of your presence.


  • Follow the same rules for children and make them aware of the safety measure from the very beginning.
  • It ideal to start bicycle riding for children in a secure open area to avoid the traffic problems.

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