Emotional eating poses risks and danger to your health

We often have some problems and tensions that can be related to our studies, work, or relationship. Tension sometimes can lead to various psychological and physical problems, if they are not sorted out properly. People with stress, anger, and emotional blockage can do activities like finger tapping, nail biting, and emotional eating. Biting nails can result to various health-related problems and can make you very ill. Emotional eating can also affect your body and lead to many health problems, such as obesity, cardiac problems, diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

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Emotional eating

Many people eat more when they are depressed and angry. They use food as a way to deal with their emotions, anger, stress, and other feelings.

Some people find this as an interesting and tasty way to deal with their emotions and feelings, but emotional feeling can affect their health, weight, and life as well. We know that food is very important for our body but eating food more than its requirement can lead to obesity.

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Reasons behind emotional eating

Emotional eating often depends on various factors and some of those are as follows:

  • Stress and depression: Stress and depression can lead to various problems that can be both, physical and psychological. People with stress and depression find eating as a simplest way in order to deal with such types of problems. People may feel immediate hunger and this can force them to eat more than they usually eat.
  • Emotional blockage: Many people cannot express their emotions and feelings. This can lead to condition of emotional misbalance. Emotional blockage can make them eat more and more, even if they are not hungry.
  • Childhood habits: Emotional eating can be a result of some of your childhood habits. Most of us have consoling memories of our childhood that revolve around delicious food. In the same way, people can develop the habit of eating more to celebrate their success, happiness, and sometimes, as a way to deal with their hidden emotions.
  • Other reasons: It is a fact that emotional eating is not only the result of sorrow and stressed life. It can be a result of positive emotions and loneliness. Some people eat to celebrate, eat to feel comfortable, and some people eat to stay delightful.

Emotional eating is not good for health as it can lead to problems like obesity, strokes, weight related health problems, nausea, and various other problems.


Emotional can be a result of depression, stress, and hidden feelings. It can make the people relax but also can lead to various health-related problems. It is best to keep to good habits, even when under stress.

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