Exposure to light at night can be detrimental for your health

Our body needs complete rest and sleep in order to stay healthy. It is vital to have good sleeping hours as sleep loss can takes a toll on your mood and can even make you stressed and depressed. For a comfortable sleep, you need a comfortable environment as more light and dark can disturb our sleep and can lead to stress, depression, and headache.

Many of us cannot sleep in the dark and love to sleep in the light. It can affect our health in many ways as it can lead to stress, headache, migraines, depression, restlessness, weak sleep, cancer, lack of concentration, and obesity.

Side effects of light at night

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It is vital to avoid artificial lights at night as sudden exposure to light in the dark can damage our health. It can disrupt our circadian rhythm and affects the production of melatonin. Light at night can lead to following problems:

Weak sleep

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People may experience weak sleep if they directly exposed to light at night. Sudden light can disturb their sleep and can make them feel uncomfortable. Weak sleep can further lead to various health related problems.

Stress and depression

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Stress can depression can cause from sleep loss. In case of less sleep, person will not get proper mental peace and relaxation and this can make him stressed, depressed, and ailed. Lights of smartphone and laptop can affect the health of an individual.

Restlessness and Lack of concentration

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Broken sleep can lead to restlessness and can increase the risk of heart attacks. Light at night can reduce the production of melatonin and can affect the clock of the body. This can also make an individual lethargic and can affect his work efficiency. If a person is restless then he cannot concentrate properly at his work.


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Lack of sleep can lead to cancer, as it can cause brain cancer or tumor. Our body relaxes and repairs during sleep and weak or broken sleep can create a hurdle in relaxation.



Sleep loss can be a major cause for obesity. Light at night can increase your hunger and can make you obese. Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes and other diseases. Excess sleep loss can contribute to numbness and nerve pain.


Sleep is very essential to stay healthy and fit as sleep loss can lead to various health problems. This involves brain damage, stress, depression, fatigue, and cancer.

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