Some useful strategies for preventing teen suicides at home

When kids attain the teenage years, they can become a little difficult to handle as they can get easily frustrated, moody, impatient and even depressed. This is the most vulnerable time of their life when a little disappointment can lead to severe depression and worse, it can even make them suicidal. Therefore, this is why the suicide rates among teenagers are so high and has lately become a serious concern for families having teenage kids. However, by following some simple strategies you can easily prevent and identify any suicidal behavior in your teenage kids and encourage them to approach life with a more positive outlook.

  • Get help

It is a popular myth that talking about suicidal behavior with your teenage kids will encourage them to attempt suicides although this practice actually lowers the risk of suicide. Moreover, if you suspect that your kid is showing depressed or even suicidal behavior, then it is very necessary for you to get professional help for your kid.


  • Do not keep any lethal weapons in your house

More than 50% of teenagers use firearms to commit suicide and so, it is very important for you to remove any kind of arms like guns and rifles from your house. However, if it is not possible for you to get rid of the weapons, then make sure that they are always under lock and are separated from ammunitions. Keeping them handy and fully loaded at home is one of the greatest mistakes most parents commit when they have teenage kids in their house.


  • Get rid of drugs and alcohol

Teenagers who remain depressed tend to develop drinking or smoking habits and are also prone to become drug addicts. These activities highly affect their thinking and planning capacities leading them to take impulsive decisions like committing suicide. So, always make sure that your kids are not into drugs, alcohol or any kind of self destructive habits and also remove alcohol or addictive drugs from your house.


  • Try to know your kids and what they are going through personally

Adolescence is a very delicate period of life, which makes a person very vulnerable to their surrounding environment. Your duty as a parent is not just to pay for your kids’ schools, clothes and food but it also involves trying to understand them personally. Try making simple conversations with them and treat them as a friend and not just your kid. Make sure they are not going through any troubles at school or being bullied by other kids because trouble at school and being bullied are some of the highest reasons behind teenage suicides. Most of all, always try to make them happy and maintain a feel-good atmosphere at home as there is no better medicine than love and happiness for curing depression.

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