How To Get Fit in The Great Outdoors

Gym memberships and fitness equipment are very expensive costs to face when all you want to do is to get healthy and stay in shape. Why bother spending hundreds of pounds to have a buff, chiseled personal trainer shouting at you when you can go out, take a hike over the mountains or swim in a lake and get fit for free? Here are some tips on how you can get fit in the great outdoors.


On The Water


Take to the water and enjoy the incredible scenery as well as the freedom and the fresh air by going kayaking. It’s a great way to spend some time with your friends at the same time it can be a fantastic upper body workout. You can take your time to appreciate the calmer water before heading out onto white waters for a slightly more extreme experience, it sure beats looking at the four walls of the gym.


Climbing Up


Whilst climbing walls are a common feature of sports halls up and down the country and indoor climbing is an increasingly popular pastime where you can develop your own climbing skills, nothing beats the thrill and the awe-inspiring wonder of the real thing. When you’ve climbed all the way up a mountain face and then reach the summit and see what you’ve conquered and the view beyond, you will feel truly on top of the world. Your muscles will thank you for it too.


Two Wheels


Going cycling is a fantastic workout, as well as being a practical and environmentally friendly way to get around. If you commute on your bike then you will save time, cut the cost of your travel, look after the planet and even have a great morning exercise before you start work. For safety and style it’s vital to have some good kit from a brand like Dare 2 B before you head out on the road or up the mountain.


Track Your Progress


Running in the park or making your own route is of course a great alternative to pounding the treadmill in the gym. A running machine can tell you how far you’ve run and at what speed, as well as how many calories you’ve burned in the process, giving you the motivation to go further. But nowadays you can find a wide range of fitness trackers which will help you follow your own progress, and set goals and challenges for yourself.


So, why not get out there and start getting fit outdoors. Let us know of any outdoor activities you will be taking part in this summer.


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