Home remedies for Gout

Home remedies for Gout

Gout problems can be treated well at home. They can be used in compliment to the tissue salts. Following are some of the home based treatments to the problem:


Low-purine diet

This is the best treatment for gout that is by simply eliminating intake of food that comprises high levels of purines. Purines are considered to aggravate or initiate the problem of gout. Purine foods generally produce half of the uric acid in the body. One should start the intake of low purine diet such as vegetable protein, dairy products and increased water intake as compared to the high purine diet like organ meats, meat extract, gravies, sardines, scallops, sweetbreads, mackerel, anchiovies, and wild game. This can help eliminate the sudden pains caused by gout attacks.



This is the most important and effective gout treatment. It does not have any side effects. Moreover, it also improves the digestion system thus flushing out the excessive uric acid present in the body. It also avoids the creation of kidney stones. One must also reduce the intake of other liquids such as alcohol, coffee, tea, soda etc. Drinking water, juice or herbal tea is the best solution.


Cherries or cherry juice

These are another home treatment for the gout problem. One must have at least 10 cherries per day or 1 6 oz glasses of cherry juice a couple of times every day. One should not have excessive amount of the fruit as it can cause stomach distresses like diarrhea, constipation etc. Hence, have them but in proportion.


Charcoal poultice

It reduces the problem of inflammation. Charcoal poultice is made by combining half a cup of powdered charcoal along with 3-7 tbsp of grinded flaxseed. Once it is mixed, add warm water and make it a paste. Apply this paste on the inflamed joint and cover it with a cloth. Change this dressing after every 4 hours. If kept overnight, then it can be changed after waking up in the morning.


Rest and Relaxation

If you want the problem of gout to heal quickly, then resting is the most important solution. Do not cause stress to the part of the body facing this problem. This might aggravate the inflammation. The inflamed part should be kept cool and comfortable to heal faster. Stressing can cause the problem to spread thus affecting more regions of the body.


Gout problem can be treated by this simple home remedies. Follow them consistently to avoid any aggravation of the problem.

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