Your guide for a hot stone massage at your own home

Hot stone massage is a very popular way of massaging a person’s body using warm stones that provide muscle relaxation to soothe the tensed muscles.The massage is an excellent way to get rid of your stress and anxiety. Here is an extremely easy way to do hot stone massage right within the comforts of your home.

All you need is few gliding massage stones along with simple equipments like a saucepan and an antibacterial soap.

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Step 1

To begin with the massage, you first need to wash your massage stones with a good quality antibacterial soap and ample amount of water. Use a good quantity of the soap and sufficient water to make sure that the stones are completely clean.

Step 2

After you finish washing the stones, you now need to keep them inside a slow electric cooker or in a deep sauce pan. Fill the pan or the cooker with water completely.

Step 3

Keeping the pan or the cooker on a low flame allow the stone to get heated for at least half an hour. Keep in mind not to overheat the stones; the temperature should not exceed a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4:

The person who wants to get the massage should be asked to lie upside down on a table or bed with thin undergarments or naked and wrap them up in a clean sheet or towel to avoid indecency

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Step 5

Start massaging the right leg while keeping the stones on the top of the left leg of the person, right in the middle of the thigh, beneath the knee and on the calf.

Step 6

Taking the largest of all the massage stones from the left leg now slide it off his right leg beginning from the heels towards the bottom.

Step 7

Place all the warm stones on the person’s right leg in exactly the same manner you did on the left leg. Let the stones in their position for about 2-3 minutes and then repeat the leg massage.

Step 8

Place a single large stone on each of the hindquarters, allow them to rest for a while and then begin to massage the muscles ending up with a large stone.

Step 9

Moving up, after the buttocks place the massage stones n the neck region of the person and then on his shoulders and lower back area. Allow the stones to remain in this position for about 2-3 minutes and then start massaging the large muscles of the person’s back and then again doing the large stone at the end. Repeat the entire procedure exactly on the front part of the person’s body.


This DIY hot stone massage will not only provide you effective relief from sore muscles but also enhance your circulation while removing your depression and distress.

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