Simple Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy in 2015

It is common to start the year out with resolutions of getting into shape or losing x amount of weight. However, most people fail to keep their resolutions and quickly fall back into old habits. Instead of fixating on weight loss, why not focus on these 10 simple steps to stay fit and healthy, and watch yourself succeed in your goals?

Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day


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It is easy to skip breakfast and head for the coffee, but that is not the way to stay fit. Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight by fueling your body and boosting your metabolism.

Empty Your Home of Junk Food

You tell yourself that you won’t eat junk food and sweets, but then when the cravings come you fall for temptation. Instead, remove all the temptations and empty your home of food that doesn’t contribute to your health.

Sit Less

Sitting is one of the most stationary things you can do. By sitting all day you are not only putting yourself at higher risk for poor health, but you aren’t burning any energy. To stay fit, you need to move around. That doesn’t mean you have to exercise, but do sit less.

Avoid Eating at Night

No, eating at night doesn’t necessarily hinder your weight loss or make you unhealthy. However, at night you aren’t moving much and don’t burn calories at the same rate as during the day. Additionally, most food consumed during nighttime hours consists of snacks and empty calories you don’t need.

Try a New Product

Have you plateaued or reached a point where you are stagnant in your health routine? If so, try adding a new health product such as a body wrap from WrapitRockit to improve your health.

Drink More Water

For your body to stay healthy, you need to consume adequate water. Water helps your body function properly and boosts your metabolism and weight-loss efforts.

Use a Fitness App

It is easy to consume more calories in a day than you think, so use a fitness app on your smartphone to keep you in check. An app such as MyFitnessPal will record your intake, output, and progress, keeping you on track for good health.

Commit to Walking Your Dog

Exercise is good for your health and will help you stay fit. However, if you are having trouble committing to exercise for yourself, commit to walking your dog. Not only will you be giving your family pet the exercise he needs, but you, too, will benefit.

Take the Stairs

As insignificant as it sounds, taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a very simple way to add exercise to your life and stay fit.

Get out in the Sunshine

Unfortunately, many people believe the sun is bad for you, although it offers many great benefits to your health. The sun provides your body with needed vitamin D, elevates serotonin levels, and reduces your chances of heart disease, cancer, and high cholesterol.

With the help of these simple tips, you can stay fit and healthy in 2015.


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