Treat OCD with self hypnosis

One can use the solution of self-hypnosis if you want to cure problems such as personality disorders and lack of confidence. Self-hypnosis is of 2 types which differ only in suggestions to the subject. Anxiety disorders such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can be treated. OCD make a person repeat his behavior, which is abnormal. Such people consider that if the process is not repeated it might lead to disastrous situations. This is basically a cause of the mental confusion and can be treated using self hypnosis. It occurs in individuals of any age group. The subconscious mind orders the conscious mind to perform an action repetitively.


A person suffering from OCD feels the urge to repeat behavior like washing hands, opening doorknobs, checking locks, etc. They are in a mental pressure to repeat these actions in the fear of any ill problem if not done so. Self-hypnosis solves this problem gradually.

Proper medications, especially during a specific time can induce chemicals in the brain thus stopping the person from doing these actions. Exposure therapy is one such solution where in a person is restricted from doing these actions. However, it might have a serious effect and is generally not recommended.


However, self-hypnosis is one such solution that does not use any chemical or harsh method. It is free of any medication too. This is used to association with the medication therapy in order to terminate the problem completely.

Repetitive sessions with the hypnotherapist can help the person adapt to his problem. Mp3 files provided by the hypnotherapist can then help the patient to self heal. One needs to simply follow the suggestions mentioned in the audio clip. It targets the sub-conscious deep mind that forces the individual to do the action. Self-hypnosis targets the subconscious mind to eliminate these thoughts that cause anxiety disorders.


It signals positive affirmation in the mind of the person, thus control the problem of repeating the actions repeatedly. Moreover, it creates a positive attitude in the person, and develops a thought that nothing bad will happen.

OCD is a difficult problem to live through. If you think you are suffering from the same problem, consider self-hypnosis. Do not carry this problem with you for long. Consult good hypnotherapists and solve the issue with the support of good medications.


OCD can be treated well with self-hypnosis. It is not difficult but needs to be taken care of immediately to stop any problems that might arise; whether in physical, or mental health.

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