Home remedies to battle genital warts

Genital warts are embarrassing occurrences around genital area, which start as small and soon spread over the entire area. An itching, burning, and painful sensation they bring with them and grow in severity if left untreated for long. Try out these home remedies, which are quite effectively treat genital warts.

Use ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

apple cider

Apple cider vinegar works hard to kill virus that causes genital warts. Place a cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar on your warts and soon you will realize that warts are vanishing. The acetic acid present in ACV is corrosive that kills the germs and virus that spread genital warts.

Tea Tree Oil

genital warts

For an extremely safe genital wart removal, you must try applying tea tree oil. It targets only your genital warts without leaving any negative impact over the skin surrounding them. The anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil make it an extremely effective home remedy you can use to get rid of the embarrassing genital warts. Do not forget to dilute tea tree oil before its usage, as its concentrated form is too strong.


Garlic vegetable

Garlic has marvelous anti-viral properties, which make it a worthy contender of home remedies for genital wart removal. Whether you apply garlic directly on them or you choose to consume garlic in capsulated form, both are equally effective. In case you choose to apply garlic directly, ensure you find a suitable way of its application because garlic can leave your skin burning.


Onion benefits

Onion is an anti-microbial agent that works pretty well to help you get rid of genital warts. You can tie sliced onions to the area with a bandage or gauze, or you can apply onion juice over warts. To extract onion juice, keep some onion slices with salt sprinkled over them overnight, and the next morning extract its juice. Salt adds an antiseptic value to the onion juice.

Banana peel

Portrait of young woman peeling banana in house

Do not throw banana peel after eating banana, as it can serve a very important purpose. Banana peel has certain enzyme that work to dissolve warts. For some nights before going to sleep, take banana peel of size that could cover the entire area with genital warts. Secure the peel with a tape or a bandage so that it stays in place until morning. Repeat this procedure for about two weeks and you will notice your warts changing their color, and eventually falling off your skin.

Small fleshy growths or bumps that occur around genital area are genital warts. They are red, itchy, and sometimes painful as well. Healthy foods listed here can help combat this problem effectively.

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