Foods you love, but are hated by your teeth

Everybody knows for sure that sweet foods are not good for our teeth and others such as soda, and other beverages. However, here we have brought for you a list of foods that will shock you, as you never even realized how dangerous they are for your teeth:

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce has become one of the most loved sauces people prefer to keep in their homes and use it not just in pasta making, but for pizzas, spaghetti and burger as well. So far so good, but it seems many people are ignorant of the fact that pasta sauce is extremely bad for human teeth. Pasta sauce is loaded with dark colors and tomatoes, and both are dangerous for our tooth enamel.

Dark colors stain our teeth, and the acid in tomatoes makes teeth porous. If you relish pasta sauce a lot and cannot stop using it then make sure you swish water in your mouth properly, so that it does not let dark colors and the acid destroy your teeth quality.


woman eating apple

Apples are highly nutritious but they also have a high acidity level. This makes apples harmful for your teeth, so make sure you gargle properly to ensure there is no more apple juice in between your teeth.

Peanut butter

Young Woman Eating Peanut Butter on a Cracker

If you use natural peanut butter that has no sugar added to it, then things are not that bad. However, if you use the other one, it has lots of sugar in it and it is too sticky that feeds bacteria in your mouth, they stick on your teeth and harm them.

Pickles and Pickled Vegetables

Pregnant woman eating a pickled gherkin.

Vinegar and other preservatives are used to make pickles and pickled vegetables. They stain your teeth and increase the risk of tooth sensitivity. Drinking water helps wash away acid and brushing your teeth after a meal can considerably reduce the risk.

Cough drops

Cough drops

It is apparent that chocolates are bad for our teeth but if you hear someone say that cough drops are bad for your teeth, it is shocking, isn’t it? Cough drops stain your tongue and so do they stain your teeth, and they are too sweet as well.

Colorful fruits

Colorful fruits

This will leave you in dilemma, as to whether you should consider the health benefits of fruits or leave them for its negative impact on your teeth. Pomegranate, cherry, berries, and black grapes are some fruits that stain your teeth.

You must have thought that you know it all, as to which foods are bad for your teeth because it is such an obvious thing. Well, I am sure after reading this article your perception must have changed.

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