How Ayurvedic Medicines help treating kid’s ailments

When children fall sick, parent’s greatest worry, apart from wellbeing of their kids, is the amount of medication prescribed and their side effects. The greatest advantage of Ayurveda is that you need not to worry about side effects, as all the medicine being consumed are 100% natural. For common ailments that are faced by most children, such as cough and cold, simple solutions at home are prescribed.

Child suffering from cold

Ayurvedic Medication at Home

One cannot take a child to a doctor for common cold or fever every time, and use of antibiotics must be limited. Ayurveda prescribes numerous simple, home-remedies for common ailments that can be easily prepared and administered. For instance, a concoction of turmeric powder in warm milk is very beneficial in clearing sore throat and adding two spoons of aloe vera juice in water and drinking it can help soothe a baby’s diaper rashes.

Ayurveda and Exercises

Not all Ayurvedic remedies include consuming medication; it also prescribes several habits that can be adopted for a healthy lifestyle. For instance, planting a Neem tree in the garden will help in keeping mosquitoes away. Neem can also be added to bath water for skin and hair care. Also, it prescribes exercises in the form of Yoga which will improve the child’s overall well-being. Some of the exercises prescribed by Ayurveda include –

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Stretching Postures
  • Relaxation

These exercises are a holistic approach towards leading a healthy lifestyle. They are beneficially physically and mentally and can help improve the child’s concentration, immunity and develop their personalities.


Green Lifestyle

The most threatening ailments that are facing urban children today are childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes and hypertension which are a direct result of the fast-food lifestyle that parents are responsible for controlling. Ayurveda is a branch of ancient Indian medicine, but it also prescribes a healthy lifestyle whereby a person eats, drinks and sleeps in a healthy pattern, following a disciplined lifestyle.

Overindulgence in synthetic foods which are packed with preservatives is the root of most health related issues. Ayurvedic medication can be adopted for curing simple ailments as well as chronic ones such as allergies, asthma and hyperactivity, mental stress and fatigue. Along with herbal medicine, exercises and lifestyle adjustments, Ayurveda aims to provide a more complete cure.


For the skeptics, Ayurveda may not be the answer to all problems since it is not modern science; however, the lifestyle changes prescribed by it have been proven scientifically to have numerous health benefits and can be safely prescribed for the child’s growth and development.

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