Staying fit kit for you

While the incidence of obesity and lifestyle disorders is rising there is an increasing awareness among people. There is some progress in the way people think about lifestyle management and preventive health. This is a positive sign as only when you become aware and make some attempts in the positive direction that you can expect a change.



These days staying fit is become a necessity for many people like you. The main idea is to be in control of your weight and other vital signs. The main focus of trying to be fit and healthy is to have an ideal blood pressure and ideal blood cholesterol levels. These are the primary factors that can determine your risk of heart disorders.

High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

When cholesterol levels in the blood are increased there is a greater risk of deposition of cholesterol in the inner walls of the blood vessels of the heart. This will leave with very less space for the blood to pass through the vessel and thus affect the heart muscles.

When blood pressure increases there is increased pressure on the wall of the vessels carrying blood as a result it can cause damage to the vessels as well as the heart or other body parts.

Checking blood pressure

Do it yourself

Determining your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels was never no easy. With the staying fit kit this is also possible now.

Stay fit health kit helps you know your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. The test kit can be conveniently used at home and the results can also be compared with the patient information material provided. Blood pressure can be easily detected by home blood pressure monitoring device.

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