We all know that depression and anxiety in children and teenagers is on a constant rise. According to a research, 20-50 percent of children from elementary school through high school were found depressed or suffering from anxiety issues. Studies show that most children go undiagnosed and untreated, which goes on to affect them their entire life.

Obesity and low self-esteem


In the United States, one out of every three children is obese. One out of every six children is obese. There are several factors that contribute to the obesity issue. Busy parents often have to rely on take-out meals because of their heavy workload. The fast food is usually fried, heavy in preservatives, and generally unhealthy.

Children often stay inside their homes until their working parents get home from work, for safety reasons. The lack of attention, poor diets, and lack of exercise often lead to depression and low self-esteem.

Dance is the path to healthy minds and bodies

Allowing your children to participate in dance is a great tool which is often overlooked. It has been proven that dance can prevent many mental and physical illnesses and can be used as a treatment for those who are already suffering.

Dance releases endorphins that make the dancer feel better. It demands oxygen, which makes the brain function better. Dance helps develop muscle in the body and improves a child’s social skills. Dance is enjoyable as it’s healthy; it is a physical activity which is needed for a healthy body. It is mentally stimulating and is therapeutic for children who are developing depression. For a look at all of the ways dance helps a child, click here.

Gear and expense

Dance Help Children

Your child will need the proper gear to dance in. However, dance is not nearly as expensive as putting your child in competitive sports like football, cheerleading, or soccer.

They will need tights, leotards, leg warmers, and dance shoes. When they are ready to perform, they will need a dance costume. Just For Kix is a great place to get their gear and their costumes. You can order online, and their gear is high quality at a reasonable price.


Most dance instructors will allow you to stay and watch your child during teaching and practicing, but it is not needed. You can drop your child off and take care of other responsibilities while they are practicing.

You will very soon notice that your child’s self-esteem is on the rise. They are more confident. They are part of a team. They are special. You have led them to a healthy mind, body, and soul. If they have a sibling or friend who they are close to, you should encourage your kids to accompany them.

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