How does exercise help your heart?

How does exercise help your heart?

Regular exercises help you to keep fit and strong. This is known by all. But did you know that exercise can also help in boosting your heart health. Yes; scientific studies have shown that regular exercise can help in improving your heart fitness.

The main reason why inactivity is considered as a major risk factor for heart diseases is that inactivity means lack of exercise. Exercise is important not just to lose weight but also to maintain your heart rate, improve your blood circulation and make your heart muscles stronger.

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Benefits of exercises

Exercises help to make the body supple and improve the vigor and muscle power. Just like other muscles, the heart muscles are also improved and gain the strength to work efficiently. The heart muscles therefore are able to pump more blood into the blood vessels without causing any strain. The heart or pulse rate also increases and the body learns to adjust to increased circulatory requirements.

This is heart training. When you perform exercise regularly, you are training your heart to function in a particular way and with practice, the heart muscles get used to it. Imagine if you have not climbed the stairs for a long time and one day you suddenly climb two floors. What generally happens is you start panting. This is because your heart muscles are not used to it and when suddenly required to do so they have to work harder causing strain and discomfort to you.

So practicing daily and training the heart to perform during increased needs is a way to stay heart healthy. Exercise is the only way you can do this. Perform exercises on the exterior to enjoy benefits inside your body and heart.

An additional benefit obtained from exercising is that it helps to improve the blood circulation by building small new blood vessels to the heart. These act as a natural bypass and with time help to reduce the load on the main arteries of the heart.


Simple aerobics that increase your heart rate are useful. Commonly practiced among those are brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing, cycling and swimming. If you have health concerns it is advisable to consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.

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