How to deal with Rosacea at home

Rosacea is a skin disease characterized by the redness of face and pimples, in some cases. The disease gets worsen if not treated in proper time. There is not a perfect known treatment for Rosacea, still you can treat the disease with some easy home remedies. This article will help you find ways as to how to deal with Rosacea within the comforts of your home.


There are no specific treatments known for Rosacea; however, through many years of research, doctors have found some treatments, which would be applicable for majority of people. For those who opt for natural preventions for the disease, here are some easy home remedies that would prove to be helpful.

1. You should stay away from oily and spicy food that would make you more prone to the disease.

2. Always apply the sunscreen on your face before going out in sun.

3. Natural substances such as apple cider vinegar, oatmeal and green tree cream can be greatly effective in providing relief from the redness and pain caused due to Rosacea.  Oatmeal rinses should be applied directly over the affected areas regularly.

4. Diet is the most important factor to be looked after and should be taken care of during Rosacea. Try to have a low protein diet. A low protein diet may help you to overcome the disease. Vegetables and fruits should be necessarily included as a part of your regular diet.


5. Another important precaution is drinking ample quantity of water daily. Drinking plenty of water provides the fastest cure to the disease. It is a natural, quicker and safer way to deal with the disease.

6. Always avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Wear wide hats with good sunscreen when you are out. Exposure to sun may cause skin flush, pustules and bumps on the skin.

7. Avoid stress and anxiety. Stress management is an important part of Rosacea treatment at home. Taking out some time for yourself would be very useful, as it will help you to control your stress.

8. Keep yourself away from alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, strenuous exercise.

9. Beware of weather changes and changes in humidity and wind.


Here are some prevention tips that will help you to come out of Rosacea in the comfort of your home. Remember that before following any treatment you should always consult your dermatologist and follow his instructions.

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