How to fight back cellulite all by yourself

How to fight back cellulite all by yourself

Cellulite is a growing common problem that makes the skin look dimpled and lumpy. It may be caused due to several reasons that include diet, hormonal malfunction or lack of exercise. This results in formation of fat pockets under the skin’s connective tissue. Here is how you can easily remove the lumpiness in your skin and make it look beautiful.


  • One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps in decreasing the lumps and makes the skin plump and removes the toxic substances that built up cellulite.
  • Eat food that contains low amounts of sodium and sugar because excess of salt is responsible for fluid retention and sugar helps in the expansion of fat cells, both make the skin look worse. You should consume diet that contains less than 200 million parts of sodium and sugar intake should be only 6 teaspoons per day.
  • Standing beneath the shower gently massage in some ground coffee onto your skin in small circular motions. This will help in the breakdown of fat cells and temporary firming of skin similar to that of the caffeine containing cellulite treatments that are available at stores.


  • Before you have a shower, rub your body with a natural bristle brush right from your ankles moving towards your thighs in long sweeping motions. This will improve your circulation as well make the skin appear much better than before.
  • Go to have a shower and massage your body with a body scrub in strong and sturdy back and forth motions. This should be followed by rubbing your thighs with a quarter size amount of body oil with long strokes. This also helps in enhancing the circulation and makes skin plump.
  • Consume at least 2 tablespoon of flax seed to increase the production of collagen inside your body. Collagen increases the skin strength while decreasing the lumpiness of the skin.
  • Include dried kelp in your food by either mixing it with your salad, soups and stir fry dishes or you can also administer it orally. The compound fucoxanthin that is present in kelp help in reduction of body weight and thereby reduces the amount of cellulite. You should ask your local store for dried kelp.
  • Avoid diuretic dietary supplements as they do not reduce cellulite and result in digestive disorders.


If you are suffering from cellulite, these tips will help you cover up your dimpled skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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