How to prevent and rid corn and calluses

Corn and calluses are the thick and hard layers of skin that are usually formed because of rubbing, friction and pressure or due to wearing high fitting footwear or using hand tools. While calluses are bigger in size and are formed on palms and soles, corns are usually small and observed on the tops and sides of toes. Both, corn and calluses can be often very painful. Here are some natural home remedies that would help you to deal with corns and calluses:


1. Apply castor oil on the affected place with the help of cotton ball before going to bed. Use adhesive tape to help remain the cotton in its place. Avoid using castor oil on broken and damaged skin.

2. Soak your feet in a mixture of Epsom salts and warm water for about 20 min. This will soften the calluses and reduce swelling and inflammation of the skin thereby reducing the pain.

3. When the calluses are softened, they can be easily removed out with the help of a pumice stone. Use of pumice stone is strictly not advisable for diabetic patients.

4. Do not cut or shave the corn as it increases the chance of infection.

5. Moisturizing your skin is an effective way of both, prevention and treatment of corn and calluses. Use calendula herbal cream or oil to moisturize your skin daily. This will keep your skin soft and free from painful cracks. Lotions that contain urea and lactic acid are a good alternative for calendula cream or oil.

6. Activities such as gardening and weight lifting may increase the pressure and friction of the hands. Increased pressure and friction are an open invitation for corn and calluses. You should always protect your hands with gloves while performing such activities.

7. Non-medicated corn pads are easily available at any drug store. These pads are a good way to protect your feet.

8. Proper footwear is the highest requisite to avoid corns and calluses. You should always stay away from too tight, high heeled, narrow pointed shoes as these are the main causes for the occurrence of corn and calluses. Always wear socks.

9. Treatments such as arch supports and orthotics can help in curing biomechanical foot problems that also are a reason behind corns and calluses.


Here are some treatments that will definitely help you to get rid of your painful enemies – corn and calluses.

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